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The Mutual Life

The mutualist way...
SSQ believes that the best way to serve its clients is for them to be co-owners. That is why SSQ Financial Group is firmly committed to maintaining its mutual status and, also, why it continues to be guided by one goal above all others: to meet the needs of its members.

SSQ Financial Group’s steadfast determination to maintain its status as a mutual company is reflected in its goal to provide products and services that meet the needs of both individual members and groups, while providing one distinct advantage to all:
co-ownership in their financial institution.

Core values
Policyholders and contractholders of group insurance, individual insurance, and investment and retirement products with SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. are therefore co-owners or "active members" of SSQ Financial Group. At SSQ, Mutual Management Corporation, this co-ownership is exercised through democratic practices based on the values of solidarity, equity, responsibility and equality.

Democratic practices
Democracy can be expressed in many different ways. At SSQ, designated delegates have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting to elect the members who will sit on the Board of Directors of SSQ, Mutual Management Corporation. This representative democratic process ensures active participation at all levels in the life and governance of our organization.

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